Diamond Cuts Landscaping is dedicated
to giving excellent service to each and
every customer!  Check out our services
below, and if we didn't list something, just

Lawn Maintenance:
Our namesake will not let you down.  
Diamond Cuts guarantees quality and
prestige.  Tell us how you want your lawn
to look, and we will take care of the rest.

Limb/Branch Removal
Diamond Cuts Landscaping will remove
Tree limbs, branches, and sticks that have
already fallen to the ground.  Storms are
just one of the many reasons why you end
up with lots of limbs and branches down,
don't fret, just call us and we will take
care of it!

Fall and Spring Clean-ups
When the leaves start to change, it makes
for a beautiful landscape.  But, When they
start to fall and pile up in your yard, it's
not so pretty.  Give us a call and  we will
take care of the clean up, so you can enjoy
your lawn again!
With our Professional Design Skills, your new
mulch beds will have your neighbors staring
with awe!

Edging is an art, if done correctly!  We take
pride in the artistic edge that goes into our
quality lawn care.

Free Estimates!
For all of your lawn care needs, all year
round, just give us a call and we will come to
you for a free estimate and we guarantee
affordable prices!

Other Jobs
This includes paver walkways and patios,
retaining walls, mulch, sod, pruning and
planting, trimming, and brush removal.  
Please Contact Diamond Cuts Landscaping for any additional information needed.  First time customers will
receive 10% off their first cut for mentioning the promo code: web